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Press your Words on my Chest
And string a Quartet on my Tongue;
I’ll be dreaming of an ivory Horse
To ride through your Airs
And drifting between the Ceiling,
No wire Fence to suspend my Escape,
Taking Joy in leaving this buzzing Chase
Between Bees who fail to demonstrate
Where the Pesticide stings
And breaks their begging Knees.

Make them as sparse as Drops in the Sand,
The Prisoners beneath my shifting Feet
Begging for release to no metal Bars;
What’s there to say through the Buzz?

Obsidian Chrysalis

Dare to approach me;
My pointed Shell will sink
Deeper than the Words between your Teeth.

(So heed my blackened Shine
And flee.)

But then you take my Rhythm,
My lacerated Beat,
And string the Steel to crack my Seams

Off my Feet—forced Entey—
You take my Nest of Glass
And snatch my cracking Body.

But it was Time to kick my Cast
And shake the Faults from my Skin:
My Obsidian Chrysalis.

The Spark that called my Mind
To ponder your Form
Has crackled, no Bone of mine
To mark the passing Flame.

(But something runs deeper.)

It’s not stuck as a Haiku
Of Leaves suspended in Free-fall.
No, this ebbs and flows
Closer to you and me.

This isn’t the Water in the Veins
Of my gazing Eyes,
Not the Streams I release
When I think of it.

No, it is a River
Beneath a sandy Sea,
Waiting to grow from the Ground—
You can even see the Flowers!

And it runs in these Veins
Far beneath these Eyes,
But what if it rises?
What if it floods open?

Will you still leave for the Sea?

I can’t do this on my own.

Midnight on my Bed
And my Ceiling a silent Sky
To solely my Sight,
Rhythm on my Chest.

At the Top of breathless Lungs
I sing in an empty voice
I’ve arranged to bear my Name,
A Shade approaching my Soul.

This ain’t a Love, yet,
For my Walls remain.

This ain’t Love, yet,
For my Walls resist

The Entrance the Image requests;
This Throne is still my own,
This Citadel lit, self-sufficient,
If only I could keep it asleep.

But I’m awake tonight
And my Mind breaks the Distance,

But I’m awake tonight
And a Week shakes like yesterday.

But I’m awake tonight
And your Voice takes my Hearing.

But this ain’t Love, yet
Here I keep on writing.

And now my Vision’s out
On the Paper,
A humble Bottle
To bend and sink in your Eyes,
To twist and tumble as you please,
Because maybe, just maybe
You’ll claim to have felt the same
Area of yourself fold in.


Once a Man dared to say
That all of us aren’t Isles
But connected as a Continent.
But how are we bound?


Yes, we search for Pearls
To shine in our Eyes,
Faithful as the Birds
Never to return to their Nests.


They speak “louder” than Words,
But still they bubble high
To pop at the Surface,
Only the Grateful to hear.


Sure, but we must meet
At the same Frequencies
To link our drifting selves,
Or the Current waves us apart.

Hope …

To find our Fins
Lingering the Ocean Floor
And climb our Trenches
As if linked, wing-by-wing.

Fresh Lungs

I gaze in the Waves today
And Wonder plays across the Lungs
I struggled from the Deep.

I ponder the Bonds, come-and-gone,
Who fed the Salt on my former Skin,
The Walls of Ice on my Horizon.

I sense the Scars over the Flesh
And a Pallor beyond the Sun
I have no sense to shred.

But I’ll track your Path
No matter how the Sea batters you along,
Send my Air, better these Lungs.

Let our Rivers be fickle
If you’ll surface.
Let the Current carry
You anywhere
You see a Hint of Rays
Surge like Fountains.

On the Risk I descend
And my Gills unravel,
We’ve both got our Fins.

"If you let go a little, you will have a little peace. If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace."
by Ajahn Chah (via thecalminside)


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(Source: 2teal)

Back on the Shore

Strained as my Limbs have become
I’ve resurfaced to meet the Islands
Who drift and dance, faded, become
Notes in a Song still unfinished.
No, Words will not do.

And I thought these Shoes too big,
Thought these Lungs too fresh,
But they fit to my pointed Feet
And breathe out the lively Din
Resting within my Skeleton.

Maybe the Salt will fall apart,
Or make a Shield of my Skin
Again, but I feel that Buzz
I once did on another Isle’s Sight.
But yours doesn’t chain, leaden.

But no, Notes for now.

It was over before you took a

No Fire for the Pyre,
Just a Flame for the Field
Crumbling the Rubble
Who struggled to assemble
Itself to begin with.

You scoffed and said it wasn’t
A Shot.

But here you are
On a Friend’s shoulder,
The only Net to hold you
While the Surface ripples,
Shudders in its Wake.

But “you” grew tired of it,
Didn’t I?

It’s all in my Head
But the Mind’s wider
Than the Sky dared to claim,
So to Hell with the Pyre!
I’ll rise just to laugh at you.

Oh, sure I’ll burn
This Bridge for you.